NOCO Genius1 6/12V 1A Smart Ladegerät



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Das brandneue GENIUS1, eines unserer bisher leistungsstärksten, leistungsstärksten, energieeffizientesten und kompaktesten Ladegeräte. Der GENIUS1 ist ein 6-Volt- und 12-Volt-Batterieladegerät, ein Batteriewartungsgerät und ein Batteriedesulfator mit einer Nennleistung von 1 Ampere.

Passend für Bleibatterien automotive, marine, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion Batterien.


  • Meet the GENIUS1 - Similar to our G750, just better. It's 25% smaller and delivers over 35% more power. And it's simpler and easier to use than ever before.
  • Do more with Genius - Designed for 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries, including flooded, gel, AGM, and maintenance-free, plus lithium-ion batteries.
  • Enjoy precision charging - An integrated thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates.
  • Charge dead batteries - Charges dead batteries as low as 1-volt. Or use the all-new Force Mode that allows you to take control and manually begin charging dead batteries down to zero volts.
  • Simple to set up and use - Plug-in, connect to the battery, select a charge mode, and start charging your battery. A fully-automatic, worry-free battery charger for year-round use.
  • Restore your battery - Detects sulfation and acid stratification and restores lost performance for stronger engine starts and extended battery life.
  • Compatible with all types of vehicles - Charge and maintain cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats, classic cars, hot rods, and more - you name it.


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-Klemmen mit / integrierten Ösen
-Benutzerhandbuch und Garantieinformationen



Line Voltage: 120V to 240V AC

Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz

Operating Temperature: -4° to 104° F (-20° to 40° C)

Storage Temperature: -22° to 140° F (-30° to 60° C)

Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% Non-Condensing



Current: 1 Amps DC

Voltages: 6V, 12V

Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium

Types: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM, Lithium

Capacity Range: Up to 30 Amp-Hours

Maintenance: All Battery Sizes



Consumption: 15 Watts (Max)

Efficiency: 85% (120VAC) / 83% (230VAC)


Short-Circuit: Yes

Open-Circuit: Yes

Overheating: Yes

Overcharge: Yes

Spark-Proof: Yes

Reverse Polarity: Yes



Height: 3.5 Inches (89mm)

Width: 2.3 Inches (58mm)

Depth: 1.3 Inches (33mm)

Weight: 0.77 Pounds (0.35kg)



DC Cable Length: 107 Inches (272cm)

DC Cable Size: 18 AWG

DC Fuse Size: 2 AMP Micro Blade Fuse

AC Cable Length: None

AC Cable Size: None

Öl, Benzin, Fett, Wasser, Chemie, UV, resistent

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